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About FPC

All are welcome. Come as you are.

The First Presbyterian Church of Fairfield, CT
is a community that cares deeply for people.


Welcome! We're glad to see you here.

Please allow us to introduce you...


God loves us.

Each person is created in the image of God and loved unconditionally by Him.

Jesus is Lord. 

Through faith in Him alone, we are invited into an abundant, meaningful, and joyful eternal life.

He wants us back.

Adam & Eve's sin fractured all of creation. Yet, despite rejecting God’s love, He does not reject us.

We are called to love.

We seek to serve, love & forgive our enemies, and comfort & care for the poor, afflicted and oppressed.

Jesus is the Way.

Christ was sent to become the Way for us to be forgiven and turn back to God.

We are the Church.

A church is community of people who know & love Jesus and care for others.

Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by deepening our relationship with Jesus, living out the Gospel, and sharing His love with all.

At FPC Fairfield, we keep the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of our hearts and minds. Through the knowledge of our great need for Christ and His saving grace, and the experience of God’s redeeming and unmerited love, we are transformed by the power of The Holy Spirit to glorify God in thought, word, and deed. We welcome all who are in need and desire to find hope and new life in Jesus Christ.

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