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Men's Ministry

Caring Community of Men

FPC's community of men gather, mentor, and build connections in a safe peer environment. At these gatherings, they engage with God, listen and provide encouragement for each another.



Exploring and growing in faith isn’t meant to be done alone. Get together with other guys, break bread, and get insight, sound advice & encouragement.

Meets the first Saturday of the month at church.


Are you a dad working on your faith while dealing with the endless demands of life? Have breakfast with other dads and figure out practical ways of how to live out faith with your family and in the community.

Meets every Tuesday morning with Pastor Greg.

Starting the week of January 23, the weekly Dads’ Group will meet to study the Gospel of John. At
Panera’s in Fairfield from 7 am to 8 am with Pastor Greg.




Standing Tall

In James' writings we are given the challenge to wrestle with a number of character issues and experience the transforming power of God as we act out our faith. He reminds us that our actions are belated announcements of our thoughts—it is impossible to live differently until we think differently.

This series is designed to give us the opportunity to consider God's Word through our own study and interactive small group discussions. Join us on this journey as we trust God to make us men who stand tall.

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