Music As Prayer

At FPC, music from a wide palette of style and period is included in the worship service. Our Elders believe that it is not the style, or composer, but rather the words that matter, as these are the way God is praised, and glorified in song.  Music in the service is prayer, not entertainment. As Peter C. Bower, former editor of Reformed Liturgy & Music (1980–1994), describes "in worship both vocal and instrumental music are offered as forms of prayer -- not for artistic display. Music as prayer is a worthy offering to God on behalf of the people." On a given Sunday at FPC, you may hear a refrain from Chris Tomlin or from J.S. Bach, from contemporary hymns or classic.  All are to the glory of our sovereign God and Lord Jesus Christ.

If you enjoy leading others into worship vocally or instrumentally, and you would like to share your gift during a worship service, we would love to get you involved. Adults and youth are most welcome. Our Choir rehearses every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm in the Choir Room beneath the Sanctuary. Many sing all year, but some sing seasonally. All are most welcome to participate. The Choir normally takes a break during the summer months. For more information, please contact our Music Director, Laurie Birch (laurie.birch@firstpresby.net).