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Hosting Coffee Hour

Hosting Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour FAQs

I'd like to host a coffee hour but I don't know what to do, can someone help with the setup?
Yes, a member of our fellowship committee would be glad to help you with the setup and where to find things. The church provides the paper products, tea bags, sugar/sweetner, serving platters, and plastic utensils. 

Can there be more than one family that hosts on Sunday?
Absolutely. We encourage this!

Do I need to make coffee?
No, the coffee pot will be made ahead of time for you; you just need to plug it in on Sunday morning.

Should I bring milk?
Yes, because milk is highly perishable, we ask our hosts to provide a gallon of milk.  You can bring home any extra.

How much should I bring for snacks?
Two dozen bagels sliced and then cut in half (a quarter of a bagel) and two pounds of cream cheese will offer one serving for 100 people. As an alternative, five to six coffee cakes cut in small pieces can feed 100 people. Snack need NOT be homemade.

Do I have to provide gluten-free snacks?
There is no obligation to provide gluten-free snacks.

Do snacks need to be “no-nuts”?
We do not have a “no-nut” policy for coffee hour.

When should I start setting up?
We suggest starting set-up at 9 am, however, if you do much of your prep at home you may be able to arrive later.

When should I leave the service to be ready for coffee hour?
Leave church at the doxology to do last minute set-up items.

Will I receive directions?
Yes, the church secretary will send you directions via email the week before you host.

For more information or to sign up for a Sunday, please contact the chair of Fellowship, Scott Sharp at ssharp165@yahoo.com