Ghana Summer 2019 Tentative Trip Information

Locations: Ho and Greater Accra
Ghana Companions: our partner church in Ho (Revs. Tumor & Gle), PCUSA Missionary Rev. Josh Heikkila, Evangelical Pres. Church leaders.

Time in Ho:
Dzemeni Clinic - greet the chief, help at the clinic, help build new maternity ward.                      
Elorm Parish  - worship and fellowship opportunities at church events, singing and dancing.
Day Trips: Bli Falls, Monkey Sanctuary, Kente weavers, Cocoa Farm, EPC’s Fish Farm.

Time in Accra region:
Cape Coast Slave Castle
Cultural events
Markets and Cultural Museums (shopping for momentos and gifts)

By the end of our time you will have had your heart opened and experienced how God is moving on the other side of the Atlantic. You will meet family and friends you didn’t know you had and develop an appreciation for different customs, values and traditions.