• Fusion Application

  • About FUSION

    Starting summer 2018, our Varsity students have the opportunity to participate in FUSION, a short-term missions experience that strategically partners churches in the U.S. with churches in Latin America for the purpose of multiplying healthy, disciple-making student ministries. Our students will enter into a new culture, invest in the lives of students, and help a local church develop a healthy, disciple-making student ministry.

    FUSION is not a mission trip in the traditional sense, because the primary purpose is not to construct a building, lead Vacation Bible School, or do evangelism on the streets. Instead, Varsity has been asked to invest in the lives of individual high school students in Costa Rica and help them build a student ministry. The main focus of the partnership is incarnating (entering into a different culture like Jesus did), investing in Costa Rican teenagers, and multiplying the character and priorities of Jesus in those students and the student ministry.

    The first step of the FUSION process is all about laying a healthy foundation; without the right foundation, it’s impossible to build a ministry of students who are committed followers of Jesus. Our students will individually model an intimate walk with Jesus and for Varsity as a whole to model the foundations of a healthy, disciple-making student ministry. As a way of building relationships and getting to know the students that we’re serving, we will be teaching in English classes at the local high schools where we’re staying. 

    This trip is all about discipleship and leadership. The commitment level for this trip is HIGH. The FUSION team will meet twice a month from February through July to prepare. You will be required to be at a minimum of 90% of our team meetings. We will most likely be leaving for Costa Rica on August 3rd and returning on August 13th. Please take some time to pray, think, and talk to your parents about this opportunity. You can feel free to talk to me as well, and I want you to know, I’m going to be praying FOR YOU as you consider whether or not you should apply! 

    If you believe that God is calling you to join the FUSION team from Varsity that will be going into a new culture to make disciples of Jesus, fill out the application below.

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  • Have you parent answer the following statement.

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    Shy Outgoing
  • Character Qualities In my life
    Quality 1
    Quality 2
    Quality 3
    Quality 4
    Quality 5
    Quality 6

  • I understand the commitment that this trip requires, and I am willing to make that commitment.

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    Your student must have your permission to apply for this trip. Please read the information on the front cover of this application to get an idea of what Varsity will be doing in Costa Rica. This trip will require each student on the team to commit to being at training meetings, writing support raising letters and participating in fundraising events (to raise the $1,400+ for the trip), and of course to travel outside the United States. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erik Lindemann at the church (203-374-6176). 

    I give my student permission to apply for this trip. I understand the commitment and will support my son/daughter in this commitment. **

    ** Applying doesn’t assure acceptance 

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